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Ellen Ziegler @ SOIL Preview Image

Ellen Ziegler @ SOIL

Ellen Ziegler has a solo exhibition at SOIL titled Studio Visit. 

An artist’s source material is rarely seen by gallery goers. Studio Visit presents new paintings along with the objects and materials that she stares at and surrounds herself with and tries to avoid stepping on.

SOIL Gallery
112 Third Ave. S
Seattle, WA

Exhibition runs thro


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SOIL is currently accepting proposals for shows that will take place June 2017 through May 2018.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, October 9th at midnight.

SOIL exists as an alternative venue for artists and curators to exhibit, develop, and advance their work. We are committed to exhibiting art of diverse media a


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Ellen Ziegler in Out of Sight Preview Image

Ellen Ziegler in Out of Sight

Ellen Ziegler has 4 paintings included in this year's Out of Sight exhibition on third floor of the historic King Street Station for its annual survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest. 

Also, she has an upcoming exhibition at SOIL titled Does Live Art Have To Be Experienced Live?  This exhibition integrates performance and visual


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Scott Kolbo at SOIL Preview Image

Scott Kolbo at SOIL

SPA board member Scott Kolbo will be showing Escalation: Election Year Battle at SOIL Gallery and will include a new video project and a series of collaborative drawings centered on the theme of surveillance and the widespread distrust we all appear to have for the other side of the political divide. The work will include plenty of their usual s


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Ellen Ziegler at SOIL Preview Image

Ellen Ziegler at SOIL

Stratum is a SOIL Gallery All-Member Show that runs January 7 - 23, 2016.    

Thirty months ago SOIL members agreed to have an all-member SOIL show that would give the whole gallery to each artist: simultaneous solo shows, each located within six-inch-high meridians around the room.  For eleven days this January, we present this experiment in


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