Mezzotint Print Techniques

Mezzotint Print Techniques with E. Valentine DeWald

8 classes - Thursday nights 7:00 - 10:00 pm January 21 - March 10, 2016 

Kirkland Arts Center
620 Market St. 
Kirkland, WA 98033 

Room: Print Studio 

Mezzotint is a subtractive process known for its rich black and subtle gradient of tone. In this eight week class, students will be taught how to ‘rock plates’ in order to obtain a rich ground. They will learn how to manipulate that ground with a burnisher or scraper tool to create a range of tones between the richest of blacks and brightest whites. No acids or chemicals are used in the creation of the image on the plate. A basic understanding of printmaking and press use is necessary.   Difficulty: intermediate,  previous printmaking experience required.  Medium: printmaking, 2D  Class Type: adult class, printmaking inks, rockers & jigs included, open studio access included.