Ninth Biennial Seattle Print Arts Print Exchange

The print exchange deadline is December 2nd, 2017.  Prints and fee can be dropped off at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Printmaking Studio, 1905 South Main St., Seattle, (prints may be dropped off earlier at Pratt's front desk for Kamla Kakaria).

For this print exchange each artist will submit 12 prints and will receive 10 randomly selected prints from the submitted entries in return. Two of the prints in each edition will be retained and owned by Seattle Print Arts for the archival collection.

SPECIFICATIONS: Prints not conforming to specifications below will be returned and will not be part of the exchange.

Each artist must submit:

  • Twelve (12) prints.

  • -   All prints must be on 11” x 15” paper.

    -   All fine art print techniques are eligible, including digital media. No reproductions of artwork in other media.

    -   Prints may either be editioned or a set of 12 similar monotypes/monoprints in series using the same imagery or matrices.

    -   The image size can be any size within the 11” x 15” paper size. Bleed prints will be accepted.

    -   Prints must be signed, titled, and numbered 1/12 to 12/12 or for varied editions VEd 1/12 - VEd12/12. Include this information on the back of full-bleed prints.

    Interleaving (newsprint acceptable) must be placed between each dry print.

  • Twelve (12) copies of an image list with a short description of your process. This should include your name, e-mail, and website (if applicable) at the top. These will be included with each print.

  • Deliver prints in a 14” x 18” portfolio (if home-made, make it stiff and re-closeable). Clearly label portfolio with your name, email, and phone number.

  • ENTRY FEE: There is a $10.00 entry fee.  Checks should be made out to Seattle Print Arts, and left with your portfolio of prints at the time of delivery.

  • Questions? Email if you have questions regarding the exchange.

    PLEASE NOTE: Print exchange participants are required to be members of Seattle Print Arts. To become a member please go to, click on Membership and follow all steps to become a member. Annual dues for the calendar year are $35 - donations are encouraged.


    All the prints will be exhibited during the Seattle Print Arts Annual Meeting in January 2018. Date and location TBD. Exchange participants will be able to pick up their exchange portfolios at that time. If you cannot be there, please make arrangements for a friend to pick up your portfolio.