Speaking Out: Art & Politics in Words

September 21, 2017 - November 9, 2017

Speaking Out highlights artists who use words as the basis of their work, creating pieces that inspire discussion around topics of political and social justice. What are the words necessary to start the discussion or argument, to pull people together or apart? How can language be used to share, to trivialize or to provoke? Can a word help you to see what it is like in the shoes of another? And how can a word of indifference end a discussion? We hope that you will see the work in the gallery as a starting place for conversation around topics that are highlighted in current events and contemporary activism.



Participating Artists:

Antonius Bui

Melissa Cameron

Satpreet Kahlon

Deborah Faye Lawrence

Holly Martz

Hanako O’Leary

Spooky Boobs Collective

Chris Walla

Matthew Whitney