About Seattle Print Arts

Seattle Print Arts is an association of artists, arts professionals and collectors who have an avid interest in the expanding field of print arts and an appreciation of the print media. Our mission is to foster intellectual and artistic dialogue, serve as a resource for news in the field of printmaking, forge links between artists, and serve as a base for a variety of activities that focus on the print arts.

Since its formation in January 2000, Seattle Print Arts has organized symposia, lectures, print exchanges, demonstrations, and several print exhibits, including two international exchange exhibitions.

Seattle Print Arts also sponsors a printmaking scholarship at Seattle's Pratt Fine Arts Center, the Larry Sommers Art Fellowship, and the Mini Money Grants(pdf).

We hope you can join us!

Seattle Print Arts is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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It’s time to renew your Seattle Print Arts Membership.

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Support our active artistic community. Your membership helps pay for all of our exciting programming including the Visiting Artist Program and the Collector Lecture Series. Print arts related gallery talks and artist’s demos, member-only exhibitions, the Print Exchange, and a wide variety of grant opportunities all happen because of your membership and your participation. In addition to renewing your membership with the $30 annual dues, please consider making a donation to further support Seattle Print Arts. Your contributions are vital to the continued success of this organization.


  2014 Annual Meeting and Party


View a slideshow of the event.


It was wonderful to see so many Seattle Print Arts members at the Annual Meeting on January 24th!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the evening: from sharing your works to sharing your news. It is always fun to visit with members and to have the opportunity to review the past year together, and to look forward to coming events.

– Tara Shadduck, president






Interested In Becoming More Connected To The Seattle Print Arts Community?


Seattle Print Arts was formed in January 2000. In our second decade we continue to affirm the importance and vibrancy of print in our community. We are planning lectures, events and projects that provide artists with opportunities for inspiration and exchange.

Be a part of building a strong community of artists. There are many ways to get involved. Volunteer to help.

To sign-up, please fill out the form on our Volunteer page.



Posting Announcements



To Post An Announcement

If you are a member of Seattle Print Arts, we will post your announcement in the weekly newsletter and on the website.

Please send us your announcements about your upcoming exhibitions. We would also like to know about any upcoming print related classes, equipment for sale, studios for rent, or calls for printmakers.

Please send information as text and no all-caps and no postcard announcements please. Include a separate image and please use your name as the filename, ie: jane_doe.jpg. Email (news@seattleprintarts.org) us at least one week prior to an event or as early as three weeks before.

In your email please state that you would like your announcement posted in our newsletter and on our website, so we can separate it from non-member show announcements we get.



Seattle Print Arts on Facebook


Our official website and weekly e-newsletter will still be the place to go to for information. Our Facebook page is a more informal means of communication for you and a great way for us to keep up with each other.