Jessica Marie Mercy

My identities cannot exist in isolation; they are a reflection of the many spaces I inhabit. Through repeating imagery I examine femme invisibility and identity while challenging traditional visual stereotypes. I think of my investigation into queer spaces as a gesture of preservation and reverence, creating a dialogue around the complexities they hold. This exploration manifests itself across the print, digital and ceramic mediums, with each piece influenced by my dysphoria, radical queer political views, and identity performativity as well as how that performance is received. Creating accessible, relatable fine art for my communities is the driving force behind my continual making and is a continual wellspring of inspiration.


Christina Reed Larry Sommers Fellowship recipient 2017

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Christina Reed is a multidisciplinary artist, immersed in printmaking, sculpture and site-specific installation, my conceptually driven work explores systemic social and cultural issues. Organized as a narrative, projects consist of multiple works in a range of media, grouped around specific concepts.
Her current body of work, WhiteWash, is a response to issues of race in our culture. It focuses on the social construct of race and our country’s historical contradiction of promoting liberty, freedom and equality for all on the one hand while maintaining a system of discrimination and exploitation of people who are non-white on the other. I aim to make visible conditioned
assumptions and behaviors that keep our country’s race construct of inequity and injustice in place. And engage the viewer in reflection and conversation that creates sustainable pathways to racial equity. An artist activist, I believe art can be the bridge between conversation and action; the catalyst for empathy, engagement and change; that through reflection and conversation
we all can do something to combat the continued suffering of racism and its impact which harms us all.


As a native of South Korea, Ju-eun spent her formative years studying fine art in the city of Seoul receiving a BFA and an MFA. After moving to Seattle, she focused on printmaking. After receiving the SPA grant for 2017-2018 she started to create more challenging prints. She is a member of Columbia City Gallery, Seattle where she had a Featured Artist show in June. She was in a juried show in Kent City Hall this summer and received 3 rd place in the recent National Small Works Competition.


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