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Each artist must submit the twelve (12) prints. All prints must be on 11” x 15” paper All fine art printmaking techniques are eligible, including digital media. No reproductions (giclees) of artwork in other media

Prints may either be editioned or a set of 12 similar monotypes/monoprints in series using the same imagery or matrices The image size can be any size within the 11” x 15” paper size. Bleed prints will be accepted.

Prints must be signed, titled, and numbered 1/12 to 12/12 or f0r varied editions VE 1/12 - VE 12/12.

Include this information on the back of full-bleed prints.Interleaving (newsprint acceptable) must be placed between each dry print. Twelve (12) copies of an image list with a short description of your process. This should include your name, e-mail, and website (if applicable) at the top. These will be included with each print.

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